order and delivery

Overseas delivery possible

Custom order available

"I want to challenge crazy patterns" "I want to order with a different material from others" "I want to increase capacity"
We will respond flexibly to various requests.
Depending on the specifications you require, confirmation may be required in advance. Be sure to inquire before ordering.


stock order : Shipping within 3 business days

I will send it by EMS.

Besides shipping costs, customs duties and other taxes may be collected at the time of passing through customs.
Customers and taxes must be paid by the consignee.

Shipping fee

The number of days and expenses required for delivery are as follows.

An example

Addressee: Hong Kong
Luggage weight: 500 g
Cost: 1,400 yen
Days: 2 days

Addressee: France
Luggage weight: 800 g
Cost: 2,800 yen
Days: 3 days

Addressee: (New York State) USA
Luggage weight: 1,0 kg
Cost: 2,900 yen
Days: 3 days


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